VOLUMMAX® „VM“, „VM-R1“, „VM-R2“

The innovative fl at bottom silo VOLUMMAX®

for maximum utilization of volume!

(up to 86% use of the available room volume)


Dimensions and sizes


Basic range available in many sizes from 2,1 m³ to 18,4 m³

(corresponds arithmetically approx. 1,3 t to 12,0 t wood pellets with a bulk density of 0,65 t/m³)


Detailed information on dimensions and capacities can be found in

the technical data Sheets Volummax® „VM“, „VM-R1“ und „VM-R2“.


The squared VOLUMMAX „VM” and the rectangular VOLUMMAX
„VM-R1” have only one vibro-discharge hopper. The rectangular
VOLUMMAX „VM-R2” requires two vibro-discharge hoppers,
are controlled by an electric switching unit (reverser).
Easy access to discharge hopper at any time!


*Additionally included in standard delivery:

- Tensioning bars with fi xation elements

- Vibro-discharge hopper(s) with dust separator

- Electric switching unit (reverser) – only for the VM-R2



- Dust collector nozzle with filter.

- If required and upon request, the fi lling tube can

also be placed on the long face side of the silo.




1. Silo top loops for ceiling fixation

2. Integrated impact and wear protection (coated fabric), inside de silo bag, from the top to the backside wall

3. Filling tube including fixation and fastening elements as well as coupling/connector with lid, chain and clamping strap

4. Steel structure with fixation and connecting elements

5. Diagonal steel reinforcements/stiffeners

6. Inspection opening D=35cm

7. High-tech fabric with antistatic properties, high UV-resistance, dirt-repellent and heat-setted/thermo-fixed

8. Tensioning bar

9. Vibro-discharge hopper with dust-separator

DPMA : DE: 20 2014 009 726.7