Silos for „leightweight materials“ like EPS, etc.


For many years our employees have been constructing and producing Silos for the storage of lightweight materials which are commonly used in the insulating, packaging  and building materials industry.

Our construction concept: a silo made of high-tech fabric, which has a high-strength, is breathable and therefore permeable to air, with electrostatic properties and if required even equiped to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX). You just let us know what you would like to have, we discuss with you the possibilities and build for you the exact and perfectly suitable silos with a long and useful lifetime.



Additionally we also offer you of course the corresponding and suitable special discharge hopper adapted to exact your requirements. Not only in the silo but also the discharge device are so designed, that you can empty the silo totally without the need of additional "cleaning". 

"Pentane degassing" with EPS – no problem, we take care of this, so that you have „stable and steady“ high-class product.

Together we make an efficient production process.



Our standard:

- Excellent space usage through exact fabric confectioning by own laser cutting technology

- Construction with low dead weight and easy assembly

- Equiped with antistatic properties and to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX), breathable and therefore permeable to air

- High fabric-strength und precise and accurate processing in cutting and seaming/sewing

- Consistent computerised quality control in all processes

- Additional level control available according to your requirements

- Filling and discharge devices with special discharge supporter

- Silo sizes with a capacity of up to 400 m³ can be constucted in our production facility