Silos for „heavy“ bulk material


In General, bulk goods are called "heavy" bulk goods when they have a bulk density of 1.0 t/m ³ (1000 kg / m ³) or more.

Such materials are a particular challenge for the construction of the fabric. We are up to this challange due to our decades of experience and needed Know-how and are therefore the exact and right contact partner for you. Thus special components are additionally necessary for wear and impact protection, e.g. for moulding sand silos in a foundry. On the other hand, it is exactly in these cases that the extraordinary breathability and air permeability from our Silos guarantee a "condensate-free" material.

Also road salt or grit counts to this "category".

Tailor-made and individual solutions

According to your requirements, we construct also here every silo so, that we can privide you an exact and perfect solution for the every purpose. In addition also the compatible and suitable steel bearing structure directly from our modular design System, so that an easy and quick assembly is also granted.


Our standard:

- Excellent space usage through exact fabric confectioning by own laser cutting technology

- Construction with low dead weight and easy assembly

- Equiped with antistatic properties and to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX), breathable and therefore permeable to air

- High fabric-strength und precise and accurate processing in cutting and seaming/sewing

- Consistent computerised quality control in all processes

- Additional level Control available according to your requirements

- Filling and discharge devices with special discharge supporter