Silos for foodstuff and powdery products


There is a wide spectrum in the area of foodstuff and powdery products.

Standard solutions

„Granulated goods“ like coffee, grain, beans or corn (maize) must not only be adequately filled into and stored in the silo, they should also need to be discharged properly. For the storage as well as for the discharge of these goods we have standard solutions in our programme.

Special solutions

It is more critical to find the right solution for powdery materials like flour or bran. Or what is with hygroscopic bulk goods? How does one handle "explosive" powdered sugar? We have the needed experience and Know-how to provide you also here the specific and right solution.

Also if the goods are not foodstuff, for which there are special regulations, laws and requirements to be considered, powdery and dusty goods are not materials that can be handled "easily", they are often highly explosive and also cause often troubles during the descharge process (bridging issue).

And still, with us there is always a way and an economic perfect solution that meets precisely your requirements and needs.


Our standard:

- Excellent space usage through exact fabric confectioning by own laser cutting technology

- Construction with low dead weight and easy assembly

- Equiped with antistatic properties and to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX), breathable and therefore permeable to air

- High fabric-strength und precise and accurate processing in cutting and seaming/sewing

- Consistent computerised quality control in all processes

- Equipment according to our company guidelines HCCP, DFA, Ex. etc.

- Additional level Control available according to your requirements

- Filling and discharge devices with special discharge supporter


Of course we also provide you the steel bearing structure and anything else you might need for your installation.