Bulk storage Systems (container)

Within a manufacturing process, semi-finished products or materials need to be stored.

Finding easy and flexible solutions for the temporary storage, transport and even for the final storage can ofthen be a huge challenge. Since decades, we are successfully facing up to this challange and offer to our customers suitable and perfect Solutions for their needs.

Whether it is about bottles PET from the blow molding machine or grit for the manufacture of flooring, or building materials with the corresponding metering devices and isolating equipment, we not only have the ideas, but also really the right and suitable solution for you.



A well-known international food company was looking for a solution to transport and temporary store PET-bottles, we have delivered the perfect solution!

A screed constructor needed a container solution for the storage and the intertransport of special grit, we have delivered the perfect solution!

Tailor-made and individual solutions

The containers or "silos" are made individually according to your requirements and needs. The setting of tasks determines not only the material choice and the type of production Engineering that has to be applied as well as the filling and discharge devices that need to be used, it also determines if there are other additional requirements that need to be cosidered and solved.

Some of those additional requirements could be for example the classification according to ATEX (need of antistatic properties in order to be able to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres) or the achievement of fire class DIN 4102 B2 as per the German Institute for Standardization, or special Impact and wear protection, and a lot more.


Your requirements set our standards!

This involves:

- Excellent space usage through exact fabric confectioning by own laser cutting technology

- Easy assembly

- Equiped with antistatic properties and to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX), breathable and therefore permeable to air and water-repellent

- High fabric-strength und precise and accurate processing in cutting and seaming/sewing and/or welding

- Consistent computerised quality control in all processes

- Installation can be designed to be mobile or stationary, stackable or for individual use

- If mobile design selected, transportation can be done by wheels, forklift or crane

- Special hygiene requirements e.g. for foodstuff

- Isolating equipment and discharge devices as per your needs