Wood pellets

Can UV-Silo®'s be adapted to any room space?
We can adapt our Silos to nearly every room space. However, we will advise you, if installation does not appear feasible.

How long does it take to install a UV-Silo® and is it possible to do it yourself?
Setting up a silo takes about two hours. You will need a 19 mm screw wrench/spanner and a screw driver. The connection points of the steel frame are extremely sturdy and are perfectly suitable for self-assembly. Compared with installing a storage bunker, which takes 1-2 days, setting up a silo saves time and money.

How are UV-Silo®'s filled?
UV-Silo®'s can, of course, also be filled from a silotanker. It is even possible to fill UV-Silo®'s in an awkward space. The breathable fabric guarantees dust-free and easy loading of wood pellets.

What is the advantage of our UV-Silo®'s compared with conventional bunkersilos?
During the loading of conventional bunkersilos some dust and excessive air pressure are produced. This can be reduced by a ventilation draw-off pipe. Since our UV-Silo®'s are fully dust-proof, including the seam joints, no external air extraction is needed.

Are there special requirements for storing wood pellets?
There are no special requirements for the storage of wood pellets in Germany. You should consult the applicable fire regulations in your country.

How are the pellets transferred to a stove/furnace? Is it possible to transfer a small quantity to a pellet stove?
Depending on individual requirements, transfer is usually effected via a solid or flexible auger or a pneumatic discharge hopper. In difficult cases or where manual extraction is necessary, transfer can also be done via a side outlet.



What products can UV-Silo®'s be used for?
UV-Silo®'s can be used for all types of free-flowing bulk goods: for example, feed, feed components, cereals, milled flour and feed pellets. You will find more information about bulk goods in our bulk materials list (PDF).

What capacities are possible?
As a manufacturer of silos we can adapt the dimensions to suit the needs of the client. The capacity range is 0.5 to 30 tonnes.

How can a UV-Silo® be suspended?
There are four ways to suspend a silo, using a steel structure or supporting frame. These can be mounted on existing walls or on support points. This method has the advantage that neither legs nor braces encumber the assembly.

Can the UV-Silo® also be suspended outside?
The UV-Silo® must be protected against rain and snow. A water-proof cover is adequate.