Silos in the agriculture

"Love goes through the stomach!"

This saying is valid for humans and animals


Already since decades our employees ensure with our work, that the quality of the stored feed for animals remains high - and this for the good of humans and animals! We live Silos made of high-tech fabric! Some people call them also Trevira-Silos or Kosasilos and some others, mostly more modern or younger people, call them also DuraFiber Technologies (DFT). These are all melodious trade names for one and the same thing. Simply expressed, the fabric are made of high-strength especially equipped polyester yarns/threads. In order to ensure quality, we use exclusively domestic products (produced locally) for our production. The reason for this is quite easy: We want to be on the secured side without the need to make big promises about durability, supervision, experience etc. where we would not even be sure from where the materials originally really come from.


We know exactly from where our fabric comes from, what the requirements are, how the cutting on the laser-cutting-maschine must be done, who is the specialized sewer responsible, who in the house packs what and how and we also computer control every step of the production from the procurement up to the final product. Check lists in the sense of a management system like as known in the norm EN 9000 Support our work. Simply made in Germany and with under "fair production" conditions.

We live silos and treat silos for feed the same way as silos for Food.

In order to avoid changes the quality of the feed, our silos are have a high breathability and have also other small but very important differences to too many other products available in the market.


Our standard

- Excellent space usage already in the standard programme (approx. 300 types and 100 models)

- High breathability in order to avoid condensation and support the filling by the common silo trucks (TW-coupling or Storz A can be choosen)

- No additional ventilation needed due to the breathability of the silos

- 6 to 8-times higher security with seam and fabric

- Extremely automated and digitally supervised manufacturing

- Internal and external supervision of the components used

- Everything under one roof or, but we also provide the posibility that you manufacture the metal structure according to our specifications or that we produce the silo according to the Parameters of your existing metal structure.

- Steel construction built in a modular design principle > always the same construction elements and only one size of spanner needed for assambly

- Diagonal steel reinforcements/stiffeners placed in a higher position to simplify operation/handling and at the same time ensuring that it doestn work as a "ladder" for rodents

- Experienced specialists in the fiel who provide you specific  and technical advise and guidance

- Outlet height and diameter can be customized to your requirements

- Adaptation to automatic feeding technology possible

- Flexible, meaning that the silo can be easily moved and be placed somewhere else (when empty)

- Outdoor installation with corresponding weather protection cover possible

- After sale service – we repair, wash and maintain your silos

- Fast and individual delivery possible due to the fact that we have everything under one roof!!