Silos for mineral feed

(Silos for hygroskopic materials)

There are also feed types to which hygroskopic components are added. In these cases special coated fabric needs to be used.

Lately we have increasingly been using a high-tech fabric with a special PU-coating. As a base serves the same fabric that is also being used for our UV silos. Above all, we are very Aware that mineral feed needs to be treated like food. And that is why we are also very careful in this point.

These type of silos are only partly breathable and need to be vented through a separate nozzle.

Of Course we consider the following questions by the planning:

- Inclination of the cone and bulk density

- Ground clearance / outlet height and diameter as well as type of outlet

- Dimensions of the silo or bearing structure construction

Additional wear protection

- Additional Elements like for example manual discharge

- Venting Systems and devices

- Special filter if desired


Our standard for your project

- Silo made of high-tech-fabric with „integrated“ UV-stabilisation

- 6 to 8-times higher security with seam and fabric

- Silo for applications inside a building

- Excellent space usage and customization posibilities already in the standard programme (approx. 100 types and models)

- Only partly breathable, venting is needed for these silos (cross-sectional area of the venting pipe is approx. 2-times the cross-sectional area of the filling tube)

- Filling tube with TW-coupling 3" or Storz A 4“ (venting pipe, pipe clamps and fixation elements included in standard delivery). The filling and the venting tube require together an additional space of approx. 0,5 m above the silo.

- Filter device is optional

- Ground clearance: 0,80 m or also outlet height and diameter as per your requirements possible, autocono also available 

- Everything under one roof or, but we also provide the posibility that you manufacture the metal structure according to our specifications or that we produce the silo according to the Parameters of your existing metal structure.

- Extremely automated and digitally supervised manufacturing.

- Powder coated steel construction built in a modular design principle > always the same construction elements and only one size of spanner needed for assambly

 - Steel bearing structure or also multiple steel structure (for more than one silo) or optionally also timber construction or tailor-made construction adaptable to exsiting constuctions

- Diagonal steel reinforcements/stiffeners placed in a higher position to simplify operation/handling and at the same time ensuring that it doestn work as a "ladder" for rodents

- Experienced specialists in the fiel who provide you specific  and technical advise and guidance

- Outdoor installation with corresponding weather protection cover possible (see also Outdoor Silo in wood pellets category)

- After sale service – we repair, wash and maintain your silos

- Internal and external supervision of the components used

- Material selection considering the rules established for feed and food. 

- Fast and individual delivery possible due to the fact that we have everything under one roof!! (MADE in Germany)