All the happiness of this earth lies on the back of the horses 

 [Friedrich von Bodenstedt (1819 – 1892) Collection of lyrics – The Songs of Mirza-Schaffy]



Whether in professional breeding facilities (e.g., in the "state stud"), in Olympic Training Centers for high-performance Sport (riding) or in horse ranches and riding schools for spare time riders, a horse needs - besides loving care and attention - above all healthy feed. This is why a well thought-out feed management with careful feed storage and correct distribution is indispensible when it comes to horses.

Also for litter pellets you can use the UV-silos of allg. Silotec. This makes the work in the stable significantly easier.


Let's sum it up (5 points):

1. Easy and uncomplicated feed stockage (in assembly and service), centrally under one roof available with us.

2. Mould, parasites or other harmful influences and pollutions can be avoided through hygienic measures (e.g., in our silos)

3. Proper storage (e.g., in our breathable fabric silos) ensures that feed cannot deteriorate so that no gases, fire or poisoning substances can originate.

4. Nutrient content, aroma, taste, digestibility should be preserved for a long period of time by having the proper storage Solutions (e.g. through our silos).

5. Economic Solutions like ours, which are also customizable and ensure you the best space usage, should come first in the priority list.


Our standard:

- Experienced specialists in the field who provide you specific and technical advise and guidance from the very beginning

- Wide standard model ranges programme (but we also offer you individual and tailor-made Solutions in order to use the available room space even better)

- 6 to 8-times higher security with seam and fabric

- Silo made of high-tech-fabric with „integrated“ UV-stabilisation

- Verifiable long-term use

- Combination with all common feed dosing Systems on the market possible

- Easy and fast assembly through our modular design principle > self-assembly possible! (or we can also assemble it for you)

- Possibility to manufacture the bearing structure by yourself (in steel or in timber)

- Filling with silo truck or mobile grinding, crushing or mixing plants

- Manual or automatic discharge


Helpful stuff when it comes to horses:

We also have so many other useful and helpful stuff for "when it comes to horses":

- Feeding systems

- Rackbag (e.g. flexible hayrack)

- „Hay and straw silos“

- Weather shelters

- Accesories for training support like dual tracks

- Horse boots / shoes by hoof injuries

- And much more!


Further information:

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