Allg. Silotec – Our story




Though we were grounded 2009, we have already a long experience in professional work with textile and with bulk goods through an international team from Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and many other nations, as far as having lots of patents for product ideas and innovated procedures.   

Originated from a traditional company, our know-how meets a unique market knowleadge, lots of creativity and a visionary management, which is increasingly oriented on the international market.  

Already nowdays, we export about the half of our production.

Beginning with the silos for wood pellets made of high-tech fabric, industry and foodstuff constructions till prototype layouts for an action artist Christo, christmass decorations for international companies, special emptying systems with control, covers for leisure sector till special drapery for elk rescure in Norway- we offer you in a real meaning of this word - ready solutions for different situations.

At the same time as simple and functional as possible.